5 Causes Of Modern Hair Loss

mykeraniquereviews / March 11, 2019

In modern times, it’s highly usual for men and women to be exposed to different strains of stressful situations. These stressful situations arise in the office environment or at home. While these situations are sometimes unavoidable, it doesn’t mean that we have to put up with hair loss as a natural process.


If you’re constantly fretting that you’re about to lose your job, or you’re about to lose your temper with your co-workers, then you might be riding a bullet train to baldness. According to recent studies, men and women who feel stressed more than 50% of the time are more prone to balding than those who lead happier, stress-free lives.

What’s the sign that the office is making you bald? Simply look at your shower drain every morning. Usually, you can see one or two strands of hair, right? Now, when this number increases, and your shower drain becomes unduly clogged and you have to manually remove the hair to make the water flow again, then you’re suffering from a condition known as telogen effluvium.

Telogen effluvium is the constant, accelerated loss of hair for no particular reason. This condition makes clumps of hair fall of on your pillow, on your sofa and on your bathroom tiles. You can even see this condition when you brush or comb your hair.


Depression can cause hair fall because of the stress and mental turmoil that a person is subjected to. Sometimes, extreme depression can even cause inflammations in the brain. These are caused by extreme levels of chemicals inside the neural pathways of the brain.

But did you know that the drugs that have been designed to deal with depression itself can cause baldness? Certain strong anti-depressants that are designed to balance the serotonin levels in the brain can cause undue hair fall in some patients. So if you think you’re balding because of anti-depressants, it would be wise to get an alternative prescription if possible.

Another possible chemical that is contra-indicative to healthy hair growth are tranquilizers. Tranquilizers are sometimes used to calm down people with anxiety disorders. While regulated use of these substances is safe and quite normal as treatment for certain mental maladies, too much can cause baldness both in men and women.

If you think you’re suffering from baldness because of the things you’re taking, simply approach your general practitioner and ask for alternative medicines you can take in place of the offending drugs.


Some diseases can have unprecedented effects on hair growth, including thyroid imbalances and hormone problems. People who are anemic can also suffer from hair loss, as a result of not having enough iron in their blood to sustain the healthy development of the follicles.

People who suffer from autoimmune problems are also prone to developing bald patches. Patients who are undergoing chemotherapy for cancer will also lose their hair because of the medication.

Why does hair fall out during chemotherapy? Well, chemotherapy is actually organized chemical warfare. Aside from bombardment using radiation, the chemo pills that people take actually inhibit cell and tissue growth. This of course, includes the human hair. How long does it last? Hair loss in chemo patients can sometimes stop abruptly when a person is no longer taking chemo treatment. But sometimes, the hair loss extends to three to six months.


For quite some time now, doctors have been identifying certain medicines or drugs that cause hair fall as a side effect on patients. If you have been taking anabolic steroids for another medical condition, there might be a chance that the hair loss that is transpiring alongside the treatment is the result of the anabolic steroids.

What other drugs that cause hair fall in women, specifically? Some birth control pills (the Pill and the mini-Pill) are known to cause hair fall in some women. Because these pills make use of synthetic estrogen to stimulate the female reproductive system, hormone imbalance sometimes results.


Hair was meant to be free-flowing. That’s why even the noblest aboriginal tribes have the healthiest and thickest hair around. Modern people like you and me can’t help but torture our hair. We use turbans, hair sprays, hair gels and presume that tightly braiding the hair of our kids is beautiful.

All these little activities contribute to the downfall of the hair as we know it. If you think everything is just fine because there is no balding yet, wait for at least half a decade for the symptoms to manifest themselves. And by then, the hair loss would be so severe that you would probably panic.

Hair should be taken care of: and you can do this easily by leaving your hair alone, and letting it run its natural life free from chemicals.



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